Your Binders tab is the location for you to see all of the binders that you are created and also provide you some options prior to transferring the binder to a client. 

You'll notice that there is a drop down menu on top left, right above your binders tab that says Search Type. This is a filter to show you non transferred, shared, transferred, and all binders. If it looks like you don't have any binders in your binders tab it is likely due to the filter above. Or maybe you haven't created a binder yet :)  

You can also use the Search Bar to search all of your binders if you want to find a particular one! 

Binder Options

You'll notice if you click on the "Binder Options" drop down menu next to a clients binder that you have a few options that you can utilize. You will see this drop down PRIOR TO TRANSFERRING. 

  • Quick Edit: This allows you to change any of your clients information prior to a binder transferring. 
  • Full Edit: This allows you to change any of the information going into the clients binder. Maintenance reminders, appliance information, Home Pro's, Documents, personalized message, or even their contact info. 
  • Share: Sharing the binder with a client will still allow you to access the binder. The heavy majority of our inspectors transfer binders for client privacy, but if you wanted to share, so you are essentially a co-owner, you can do that!
  • Transfer: You can transfer the clients binder to them from the "Binder Options" drop down as well. We do recommend automatic transfer (see settings article), but if you want to be a little more granular about info in a clients binder you can certainly manually send them when you are ready. 
  • Delete: If you don't want to send a binder to a client that has already been created, you can delete it!

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