The "Users" tab will house all of the information that gets loaded into the binder for your branding. We recommend that all of the fields here are configured to be client facing. 

You have the ability to change your name, company name, your email, phone # etc. 

Short Message for Maintenance Emails:
This message for the maintenance emails will come through as a "Message from your Inspector" in all of the maintenance reminder emails that go out from the system. We recommend to update this field periodically to keep it fresh, and it also allows you to spice of the maintenance reminder emails over time. 

Some common examples of things we see inspectors put here consist of, links to inspector websites, information on other services you provide, links to articles, links to youtube videos that may be relevant for the area, or even just a nice personalized message hoping that their homeownership is going well! 

We recommend to add a headshot to your users tab to give a face to your company name. This can also be a location for a second logo if you wanted to do that. If you are a multi inspector firm, its best to add a team photo :)

*You can update this information at any point, and it will update across all of your clients binders*

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