In the video above, we will take you through how to leverage your agents tab to bring even more value to them!

If you are using HomeBinder with or without an integration, any time you add an agent to a clients HomeBinder account, their record will automatically store in your agents tab. We recommend to go into your agents tab once a month, to identify the higher performing agents that you work with. This is a best practice among our top home inspection firms, because you can accentuate agent branding beyond just their contact information. 

Once you have found an agent that you want to customize, click on "User Options" and then "View User"

This will pull up all the information on that agent in your account. You can add headshots, and logos to bring even more branding and deepen the marketing that you are providing them with. 

The short message for maintenance emails can be customized per agent as well, allowing you to have a custom message that will come through in the maintenance emails as a "Message from your Agent" in their email signature.

If you have any questions about how to best use your agents tab that haven't been answered here, send us a chat message, or an email at

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