3. Set up your Templates

Quickly set up templates for use in ALL of your binders.

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This video explains how to set up templates so that you aren't setting up each binder from scratch

There are 5 key areas that you can set up:

This is where you will input the maintenance tasks that you want to remind clients about. i.e changing air filters, cleaning dryer vents, etc. You can set up tasks that are specific for your business and your geography.

Due Dates have 2 options:

  • Set # of days after. Use this for any tasks that are not seasonal, as the reminders will kick out X days AFTER the inspection.  This will help spread them out within the year.  For example:
    Item: Change Air Filter   Frequency: Quarterly   Due Date: 90 days

  • Set Due Date. Use this option for seasonal maintenance tasks.  
    For example:
    Item: Clean Gutters  Frequency: Annual  Due Date: October 20 

This is where you set up blank records, so that you or your clients can quickly add in the manufacturer and model numbers. You shouldn't have to modify anything in this section, but feel free to make edits, such as adding "useful life range expectancy" for a particular appliance in the notes area. 

This is where you can add in home pros that you would personally recommend. And you don't have to put just one in each industry. For example, you can give homeowners multiple options for a local plumber. 

Here is where you can add in any generic document that would pertain to ALL of your clients.  Examples might be a referral document, educational documents, final walk through checklists, discounts/coupons for home professionals, etc.

This is where you can add in a message that would pertain to ALL of your clients. It will come through in the initial transfer email to your clients allowing them to access their binder. Feel free to customize this message for your business!

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