Templates tab in HomeBinder is the most mission critical component in your account. This contains the initial information that is going to seed binders for your clients to get them off to a better start in their Homeownership. The video above will walk you through how your templates section works!


  • The maintenance tasks you see in your template are what drive the maintenance reminder system for your clients. Put in maintenance tasks that you want to remind clients of. i.e its time to change your air fliter, sweep your chimney, clean your dryer vent. Etc. You can set these tasks specific for your business, and your geography.

The most common question that we get is around due dates. 

  • Lower checkbox: This is for # of days after the inspection. We recommend to use this for any maintenance tasks that are not seasonal. Meant to help spread them out throughout the year. 

Item: Change Air Filter   Frequency: Quarterly   Due Date: 90 days

  • Upper checkbox: Use the upper checkbox for seasonal maintenance tasks.               Ex. Clean Gutters - Annual - October 20 2018


The appliances section meant to set up the blank records of the appliance so that it is easy for you or your clients to put in Manufacturer and Model #'s for the appliances. You shouldn't have to touch this section! But feel free to make edits if you want, some inspectors like to put Useful life range expectancy for appliances in the notes section. 

Home Professionals: 

The Home Pro's section is there if you want to use it. Clients appreciate this section by inspectors that use it. You are probably asked all the time "who do I call for this, who do I call about that?" Chances are pretty strong that you probably know the better contractors in the area, and those to stay away from. In this section, you don't have to put just one electrician, you can put a few, so its not recommended but rather your best options. 


The documents section is for any generic document that would pertain to all of your clients! Like a referral document, educational documents, final walk through checklists, discounts/coupons for home professionals. This is for any document you want to give all of your clients!

Personalized Message: 

Your personalized message comes through in the initial transfer email to your clients allowing them to access their HomeBinder account. Feel free to customize this message for your business!

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