Your Analytics Tab is meant to give you insight into what is going on in your HomeBinder account. 

Binders: This lets you know the number of Binders that you have created in the last 7, 30, and total # of Binders in your account! 

Maintenance Reminders: This is a particularly fun metric to watch. It is telling you how many maintenance reminder emails are going to all of your clients so you get a little insight into how many automatic touches have gone out, keeping you and possibly the agent (depending on branding settings) in front of your your clients in a meaningful and helpful way. 

Client Login Index: This algorithm will start to be accurate about 45 days into using your HomeBinder account. This number isn't to be thought of as a percentage, and factors in several components of reporting in the number Your goal should be to get your Client Login Index between 60-80. The ticket to getting their is to make sure that you use your Marketing Materials to your advantage. If you click on "Client Logins" at the top you'll be able to see individual clients, when the binder was transferred to them, and when they accessed their binder :) 

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