If you are curious about what things look like on your clients perspective, take a look at the video above! 

Tools for the Homeowner: 

Area's and Structures: This is where they can add a living room, free standing garage, kitchen etc. That way they can tether the other section in HomeBinder to those specific areas and structures!

Maintenance: You clients can see all of the maintenance tasks you set them up with. They can edit maintenance tasks, remove maintenance tasks, or even add additional tasks. This will keep them on top of maintaining their home properly

Projects: The projects section is for your clients to keep track of any projects/renovations they are doing with their largest investment. They can even use it to plan projects they want to do in the future.

Home Pro's: This is where your clients can store any Home Professionals information that work on their house. This is also where any of your recommended Home Pro's in your template would populate for them as well

Appliances: Your clients can put in manufacturer and model #'s for automated appliance recall alerts! They can also store information like where they bought it from, how much it cost, when it was installed etc. 

Paints/Finishes: Every house all over the country has dusty paint cans sitting somewhere in it. At HomeBinder we think that's silly. They can put in color codes, compositions, manufacturers, so they don't have to keep those old paint cans any more that just take up space.

Home Inventory: They can start a home inventory, in case of fire, theft, extreme weather etc. for insurance purposes. 

Receipts: Track all home related receipts for capital expense reporting

Permits: Get free access to permit data from BuildFax. 

Documents: They can store an unlimited number of documents and have access to any documents that you prepopulate for them.

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