Repair Pricer reports contain prices for all issues identified in the inspection report. These reports can be ordered through your HomeBinder account. The article below will give you step by step instructions on how to order your Repair Pricer report through your account.

1. Get Access To Your Account

If you're a Real Estate Agent and reading this, it's likely that a Home Inspector initially created the HomeBinder account.

-Look for an email containing the property address from that inspector. This is an automated email from our system that will give you access to your Agent Account.

-If you don't see an email....first check your spam folder
-If you still can't find it...reset your password by clicking this link and follow the instructions.

2. Ordering Your Report

Once you're in your account, the next step is to order the Repair Pricer Report.

Note: You're going to need a copy of the inspection report to complete the order. You can get this from your client or the Home Inspector./

-You should see one or many HomeBinders that have been created for your clients. Start by clicking Binder Options to the right of the page then click Order Repair Pricer
-The form should automatically prefill with most of your client's information. Just follow the process and make sure you upload the inspection report when prompted.

3. Receiving Your Report

Once you submit the order, you will receive the report within 24 hours via email

Still have questions outside of regular business hours?

You can email Repair Pricer support directly at

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