This video explains how to implement HomeBinder across your firm for maximum ROI.

Some key takeaways include:

• 87% of agents use inspectors that provide HomeBinder as part of their inspection.

• 400,000 homeowners use HomeBinder on a regular basis.

  1. Use multiple touchpoints to help the homeowner remember the value you are providing them.

  2. Build trust through repetition, which is easy to do with the key talking points that HomeBinder provides.

  3. Customers need to feel CONFIDENT that you are a knowledgeable source about their home.

  4. Customers need to UNDERSTAND that a FREE gift like HomeBinder is truly free to them.

  5. Customers need to be able to TRUST that their private home data is safe and will never be sold. HomeBinder has a very strong privacy policy on their website.

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