This video reviews the various branding options that are available in your HomeBinder account.

To add your branding (your photo, company contact info and company logo),
navigate to the Settings > Branding tab.

Click on the Default User Branding Options button. You should see the following options in the dropdown list:

  • None: There will be no branding in the account, this is not recommended. 

  • Agent: Only the agent gets the branding in the account. 

  • Both Lender and Agent*: This will co-brand everything with the agent from the transaction. The majority of inspectors select this for co-branding to maximize the value to every agent.

  • Lender: This option will give you sole branding on the binder, appliance recall alerts, and maintenance reminder emails that go out from the system.

Once you make a selection, you can also see a preview of the branding used on the various emails* sent out by HomeBinder. 

For an optimal branding, use a 180x180 pixel sized logo and photo, in either a JPG or PNG format. Many social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn use similar sizing, so you may already have one saved.

*Transfer Emails will only ever have lender branding on them, as you are the one who set them up

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