Configuring your automation settings is a key step. This enables sending out binders to clients, as well as informing the agents that a binder has been created on their behalf.

API Key & API Route Name & Default Binder Template ID: This information will only be used if you are integrating your HomeBinder account with another software system that you use. 

Binder Auto Transfer/Share: This is most commonly used by lenders that create binders through one of the software integrations. If you check this box, binders will automatically be sent to your clients after they have been created. It prevents you from having to log in and manually send each binder.

Send Agents Transfer Notifications: Checking this box will send an email to any agent co-branded on a binder.  This will let them know that you have given your mutual client a free lifetime HomeBinder subscription, and that you added their information to the binder.

Binder Action Option: This is most commonly used by lenders that are creating binders through one of our integrations. You only need to worry about this field if you check off ‘Binder Auto Transfer/Share’. 

     • Transferring a binder gives your client full ownership of the binder and is 100% private for them. You won’t be able to view the binder after the binder is transferred.
     • Sharing a binder gives your client full access to their account, but you will maintain the ability to view that binder. Most lenders transfer binders as clients tend to prefer that option.

Binder Transfer/Share Delay (in hours): This is only used if you checked off ‘Binder Auto Transfer/Share’ and are using one of our software integrations. It sets a delay period between when the binder is created and when the binder is sent to your client. This gives you the opportunity to make edits to your client’s binder before it is automatically sent.

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