6. Create your Binders
A 2 minute video on how to create binders; manually or in batches.
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This video explains how you can create your binders one at a time, or in batches using an Excel spreadsheet CSV file.

If you have an integration with your lending software, you can skip this video, unless you want to set up binders for previous clients. 

To create ONE binder, manually

  1. Navigate to your binders section 

  2. Select "New Binder" in the upper right corner. This binder will contain the templated content you set up in Step 4: Set up your Templates. 

  3. Pick your transaction date.

  4. Choose Buy-side or Sell-side. Most tend to be buy-side, so that is why it is the default.

  5.  Enter the client info. That will name the binder as "Firstname Lastname Binder" which is a default setup to make it easy to sort your binders by client name.

  6.  Enter the property info and click save. To check your work, click on the binders tab, and you should see the new binder listed on that screen.

To create BATCHES of binders

  1. Navigate to your binders section

  2. Select "Upload Batch" in the upper right corner. 

  3. Download the CSV template, which is an excel document that will show you how to get your content in order for batch processing. 

  4. Upload your CSV file.

  5. Your binders will load. This should take roughly 1 minute per binder. To check your work, click on the binders tab, and you should see all the binders listed on that screen.

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