Watch the video below for a full understanding of how to track the value of your HomeBinder account.

The analytics dashboard includes a snapshot of how your account is doing. Certain fields will also show you data on the last 30 and 90 days, as well as Year-to-date and All time.

For example, under Percentage of Homeowners accepting binders, you will see that this particular account is currently at 70%. 30 days ago it was 67%, and 90 days ago it was 61%.

This number is trending upward, as more homeowners over time are accepting
their binders. This particular account has spent time educating their clients (both homeowners and other vendors) to be on the lookout for their binder's initial
log in step.

There is also a performance grade listed here, and this client has an A. This is because a 70% acceptance rate is considered EXCELLENT. This number is not like a paper grade, where a 70 would be considered a C.

For email marketing, an 18-20% return is considered a GREAT ROI.

This client is using HomeBinder to get an ROI that is 3 TIMES BETTER than the average email marketing platforms out there.

In addition, this particular client has been following all the best practices to maximize his account, as discovered by HomeBinder. To learn more, you can watch the best practices video here.

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