Using the marketing materials effectively will ensure that you’re getting the most value out of using HomeBinder in your business.

We found that the number one reason that clients don’t use HomeBinder is that they weren’t aware that it was given to them as part of their home inspection. Luckily, we make it very simple to make sure they know exactly what they will be getting with HomeBinder and how to get started.

You will receive the following marketing materials when you sign up for HomeBinder:

For Clients

  1. A double sided flyer for your clients
  2. A two-minute video for your clients
  3. Email templates to send to your client before the inspection
  4. A script to help you explain HomeBinder at the inspection
  5. Logos for your website

For Agents

  1. A two-minute video for your agents
  2. A Powerpoint presentation to help you explain HomeBinder to agents
  3. A sample HomeBinder Seller Report (Agents Love Seeing This)
  4. Email templates to send to your agents

We highly recommend using at least three of the marketing materials to ensure that your clients begin/continue using HomeBinder to manage their homes.

We’ve seen the best success with the following combination:
1. Set up an automated email to your clients one day before the inspection explaining that HomeBinder will be included as part of the inspection. See the email template in your marketing materials. You can copy and paste into the email system that you use.

2. Give your clients a flyer at the inspection and tell them to be on the lookout for an email from our system that will give them access to their HomeBinder account.

3. Add HomeBinder to your website with a short explanation. It will go a long way in differentiating your service from other inspectors.

You can view/download all of your marketing materials here.

Let us know if you need help getting anything set up!

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