Getting started on HomeBinder is fast and easy! With this quick start guide, you will be fully operational in no time!

First, start a free trial from the HomeBinder website to create your account.

Schedule a web demo

After you've added your company information and created your account, the next step is to schedule a 15-minute web demo to have one of our reps walk you through your account and answer any questions that you might have. Just choose a day and time that works best for you on the calendar!

Configure Your Account

First, you'll want to set up your contact information and branding. Click on the Users tab on the left side of your page, then click on 'User Options' to fill out your contact information and upload a photo.

Don't forget to save after you edit your information!

Next, you'll configure your default binder template. Click on the Templates tab, then 'Template Options' to edit your default template.

Every binder that you create for your clients will automatically have the default Maintenance Tasks, Appliances, Home Pros and Documents that you save on this page. It's generally best to set generic maintenance tasks that apply to just about every home in your area to avoid confusion when your clients login. Our system will help to automatically populate more specific tasks for each property after your clients login for the first time.

Access your Marketing Materials

Download your Marketing Materials to your computer and begin using them with your clients! Our guide to using your marketing materials will share some best practices on using marketing materials in your business.

What's next?

  • Integrate your account: We have integrations available if you use ISN, Horizon, Tap Inspect, InspectCheck, Home Inspector Pro 5 or Salesforce. Learn more on our integrations page!
  • Watch a demo: If you'd like to learn more about your account you can watch our prerecorded HomeBinder demo.

Ready to start creating binders?

Check out our guide for creating your first binder!

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