Set up an Automated Email in ISN

A 4 minute video on how to set up an automated email in your ISN account.

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This video will show you how to set up automated emails to clients and Real Estate Agents in your ISN account. 

We highly recommend sending at least ONE email to clients before the inspection to explain HomeBinder and how it will be provided as part of your inspection service.

The 7 key steps are:

Step 1: Login to ISN
Step 2: Click the ‘Email’ tab at the top of your page, then click ‘My Email Templates’.
Step 3: Create a new email template, give it a name and subject line.
Step 4: Copy and paste the email template from your marketing materials into the body of this email in ISN, then click ‘Save’.
Step 5: Click the ‘Email tab at the top of your page, then click ‘Email Events’.
Step 6: Create a new email event that sends the email to your clients one day before the inspection, then click ‘Add Email Event’.
Step 7: Turn the email event on

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