How to update your ISN Integration

Instructions on upgrading your ISN integration

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We recently upgraded our ISN integration to save you time and effort when creating binders for your clients. This article will explain how to update your HomeBinder integration in your ISN account in less than 2 minutes.

**NOTE: If you're located in Canada, make sure you change the country field from US to CA after you paste in the new template below. 

Here's how to make the update:

  • Login to your ISN account

  • Click on the Email Tab at the top of your page, then click My Email Templates.

  • Find your Integration Email Template and click the Pencil Icon on the far left side of your page to edit the template.

  • Scroll down to the main body of the email.

  • Delete every line EXCEPT API Key, Partner Name, and BinderTemplateID. Everything else from Client First down to the bottom of the page can be deleted. It should look similar to this:

  • Paste the following lines below the line that says 'BinderTemplateID'

Partner Email: %inspectoremail%

Additional Services: 

Transaction Type: BUY

Project Number: %crn%

Inspection Date: %inspectiondate%

Closing Date: %escrowclosingdate%

Client First: %clientsfirstname%

Client Last: %clientslastname%

Client Email: %clientsemail%

Client Phone: %clientsmobile%

Property Address: %inspectionaddress1%

Property Address2: %inspectionaddress2%

Property City: %inspectioncity% 

Property State: %inspectionstate%

Property PostalCode: %inspectionzip%

Property Country: US

Property SquareFootage: %squarefeet%

Property YearBuilt: %yearbuilt%

Property PhotoURL: 

BuyerAgent Name: %buyersagentagencyname%

BuyerAgent First: %buyersagentfirstname%

BuyerAgent Last: %buyersagentlastname%

BuyerAgent Phone: %buyersagentmobile%

BuyerAgent Email: %buyersagentemail%

BuyerAgent Country: US

BuyerAgent Logo URL: %buyersagentagencylogourl%

SellerAgent Name: %sellersagentagencyname%

SellerAgent First: %sellersagentfirstname%

SellerAgent Last: %sellersagentlastname%

SellerAgent Phone: %sellersagentmobile%

SellerAgent Email: %sellersagentemail%

SellerAgent Country: US

SellerAgent Logo URL: %sellersagentagencylogourl% 

  • If you're located in Canada, please change ever country field from US to CA

  • Scroll down and click Save Template

  • Send an email to saying "I updated my ISN account". We need to make sure you set it up correctly. DON'T SKIP THIS STEP. 

Send us a chat message at the bottom right corner of your page if you have questions.

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